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Comprobe LLC


Versalogger Data Acquisition System


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*Based on 25 years of development

*8 input channels: 4 count-rate and 4 analog

*Manual voltage control +/- 250 volts

*Manual discrimination

*Selectable audio output

*Electronic depth counter

*Optional electronic weight indicator with weight-logging ability


*Three log formats: depth-driven, time-driven and multi-pass

*Customizable chart format

*8-channel detector offset to 0.1' - 50'

*Selectable sample rate of every 0.01' to 100' in depth drive

*Selectable sample rate of every 0.01 seconds - 7200 seconds in time drive

*Range of 0-2550 CPS per count rate channel

*Range of +/- 2500 MV per analog channel

*View real-time tool outputs even when not logging

*Selectable headers for different types of logs

*Ability to calibrate tools

*On-screen display of depth and line speed

*Ability to edit, add notes and add symbols on the log

*Scale file builder that gives you full control over what your log looks like

Special Functions

*Log can be watched live via built-in remote desktop function to unlimited viewers

*Software and log can be run wirelessly from a Windows-based tablet

*Multi-pass log gives the user the ability to log in any direction at any time including the ability to pause the log, move the tool and restart the log on a different pass

*Package option available to use on software with a NIMS bin

Coming Soon

*Log analysis capabilities

*Bond log: Bond tool logging

*Header builder: Allows users to build their own header to fit their customers' needs

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