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Comprobe LLC

Who we are:

Comprobe LLC is a provider of well logging systems that responsibly probe our world’s natural resources. We provide independent and major well logging companies worldwide with reliable and high-performance systems that span many applications including oil, gas, mining, water exploration and well monitoring. We offer standard as well as customized products built to order to solve complex and retrofit applications. We uniquely provide complete solutions that include trucks, skids, hoists, software, hardware, instrumentation and tools. 

Leadership Team

Mike Hawkins, President of Comprobe LLC



Mike Hawkins serves as President of Comprobe. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has completed a one-year advanced management program in conjunction with the Harvard Business School. Over his management career, Mike has held several senior leadership positions, and, prior to management, worked as a successful salesman and engineer. Mike specializes in working at a detailed technical level in the realms of both business and strategy.

Mitchell Hawkins, Director of Production at Comprobe LLC


Vice President

Mitchell Hawkins works as Vice President at Comprobe. Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Science in aviation technology and has five years of experience as a diesel technician. His wide range of experience and mechanical knowledge has enabled him to proficiently oversee the production and assembly of new tools and products.

Eric Nellis, General Manager of Comprobe LLC


General Manager 

General Manager Eric Nellis is a long-standing and integral part of the Comprobe team He has been consistently devoted to staying up-to-date with the world's electronics, constantly maintaining an advanced knowledge of circuitry, programming and electrical theory. Eric is a master electronics tech and the lead programmer, developer and engineer at Comprobe. 

Jaime Rodriguez, Lead Machinist at Comprobe LLC


Lead Machinist

Jaime Rodriguez is the Lead Machinist at Comprobe. As a second-generation machinist trained in specialized CNC machining, Jaime brings more than 27 years of experience to the team. His decades of knowledge, expertise and personal mantra of “If you can dream it, you can machine it!” are helping Comprobe design and create innovative custom tools that fit the growing industry.

Kory Free, Lead Assembler at Comprobe LLC


Lead Assembler

Kory Free is Lead Assembler for Comprobe. Kory previously worked in wetlands restoration and served five years in the United States Marines where he took part in humanitarian efforts in the Pacific and oversaw and operated aircraft and other equipment with a mishap-free record. Kory’s mechanical experience and attention to detail serve Comprobe’s mission to produce precise and high-quality well logging tools.

Jennifer Hildebrand, Office Manager at Comprobe LLC


Office Manager

Jennifer Hildebrand assists the Comprobe team as Office Manager. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Communications and has worked as a freelance writer for numerous online and print publications. Jennifer’s office management and marketing skills are helping to keep Comprobe organized and moving forward to better serve customers across the nation and beyond.

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